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Alpha lactose monohydrate and powdered cellulose are functional excipients commonly used in oral solid preparations. Both are of natural origin and have long been used in the pharmaceutical industry. In order to achieve synergy between the two, such as improving compressibility and mixing properties, using a common spray drying process, we obtained a co-processing excipient-Cellactose® 80. This co-processed complex contains 75% alpha monohydrate and 25% powdered cellulose, all retaining their original chemical properties.

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Agent Introduction

    Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems
    THE MIKRO AIR JET SIEVE ®—MODEL  MAJSx2 is a highly accurate and reliable particle size analyzer designed for determining the particle size distribution of dry powder ranging from 20 µm to 4,750 µm. The Mikro Air Jet Sieve® model MAJSx2 is the economical solution to particle size analysis.
    Shanghai PinTech Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
    Shanghai PinTech Pharma. is the exclusive agent of Meggle pharmaceutical lactose in east China region.
    Shanghai PinTech Pharma. is the exclusive agent of MAJS (Micron Air Jet Sieve) produced by Hosokawa Micron Group in the pharmaceutical application as well. 
    In addition, the company  distributes the microcrystalline cellulose, sodium starch glycolate and other imported excipients.
    Lactose of Meggle Group

    Established in 1887, the German Meggle group is an important global manufacturer of pharmceutical lactose.

    At present, Meggle has become the main supplier of domestic medicinal lactose and the leader of the direct compression process.

    Its lactose series products include: sieving / milling lactose, spray-dried lactose, anhydrous lactose, lactose co-processed products, inhaled lactose, low endotoxin lactose and so on.

Exclusive Agent